Through the Wall Pet Door

Through the Wall Pet Door

Get a Through the Wall Pet Door installed and make you and your pets happier. High quality Through the Door dog doors are energy efficient, safe and durable. Rather than opening your “people” door throughout the day, this pet door will allow your pet to go outside as many times as he or she needs to whether you are home or not.

You can have your through the wall pet door in exterior walls, whatever the material. You can allow your pet access to the garage, interior rooms or patio – anywhere that makes life easier for you and your furry friends. 

We can install a dog door in any area of your home. Through walls, through doors, in windows and sliding glass patio doors are some of the dog doors installations that we’ve done. You can even get an electronic pet door for elderly or disabled pets.

Specializing in Through the Wall Pet Door Installation

The Dog Door Guy, puts your pet first. It is important that your cat or dog is comfortable and safe when going through the wall pet door. We only use high quality materials in our pet doors to insure they are the safest for your pet to use, as well as the most energy efficient and durable.

We look forward to providing the perfect pet door for your cat or dog.

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