Quality Dog Door Installation services

In Glass Dog Doors

best dog door for sliding glass door

  • Patio sliders are often the best place for a Pet Door. 
  •  We use your current door and order a new piece of glass with a notch cut into it.
  • This dog door can be removed and glass replaced in the future if you move.
  •  The slider is able to open fully and lock correctly.
  • The Double Flap Dog Door provides a reliable weather seal. 

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Pet doors installed through Walls or Doors

dog door wall

  • We provide quality installations in any type of wall material or through all types of Human doors.
  •  We have access to over a dozen manufactures products and are not obligated by any franchise agreement. 
  • This allows us to listen to the customer and to try and get the best product for the pet.

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Electronic Collar Controlled Dog Doors

electronic dog door through the glass

  •  We love our pets and we believe that each pet is unique and has its own needs and habits, that is why our pet doors come in different sizes and offer convenient features such as adjusting the distance when the door opens and closes, and the time the door remains open to make your pet feel comfortable using the pet door. 

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doors and sliders with dog doors built in

We Sell Sliders with Dog Doors professionally Installed


  • Interested in replacing your worn out slider?
  • Call us and we can help.
  •  We can sell you a slider for a Do It Yourself install or we can offer professional installation.

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Doors with Dog Doors Built in

dog door built in

  • We sell standard size Swing Doors with dog doors for Do It Yourself installation.
  •  Save the existing door for the landlord or the next homeowner.
  •  High Quality Dog Door installed into a standard size Steel or Fiberglass door. 
  • We can also offer professional installation for Swing Doors.

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High Quality Patio Door Inserts

dog door inserts

  •  Lets you install a pet door without any permanent changes to your home.
  •  Due to the spring loaded top, no tools are required for a fast and easy installation.
  •  The dual-paned glass combined with the energy efficient pet door flap, is the best option for installing a pet door in extremely hot or cold weather. 

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Why Choose Dog Door Guy?

More Brands and Style Options for your Pet


  • Dog Door Guy finds the best solution for you and your pet. 
  • We are not limited by franchise agreement to push any brand or type of Dog Door.
  •  We listen to you and then offer many choices. 

Personalized Customer Service


  •  We Respect our customers time
  • Take the time to listen to your needs and concerns 
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We look out for your special needs dogs and can provide special options
  • We do not believe in trying to create more reviews by asking for them after the sale.

Professional Quality Results


  • All we do is Dog Doors.
  •  We are focused on providing quality Dog Doors and installation.
  • Glass companies or your favorite Handyman cannot provide the multiple options,expertise and training required to insure your pets quality of life and safety.
  • We want to be your first choice for dog door installation in Denver and Colorado Springs.

security options- ramps-steps-collar or chip pet doors

Brand Comparison

More brands than anybody

Not all Dog Doors are created equal.

We always recommend our featured products but service, install and replace most brands.

  • Security Boss Manufacturing
  • Petsafe 
  • Ideal Pet Products
  • Solo Pet Doors
  • Pride Pet Doors
  • Dog Mate
  • Patio Pacific
  • Perfect Pet
  • Sure Flap Micro Chip Door
  • Gun Dog House Doors
  • Many more brands

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Hale Pet Doors


  • In Glass Option.
  •  Wall and Door models
  • 11 Sizes and 4 Frame Colors
  • Double Flap with Locking Cover
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • The inventor of the Double Flap Dog Door. 

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Endura Flap Dog Doors


  • In Glass Option.
  •  Wall and Door models
  • 4 Sizes and 2 Frame Colors
  • Double Flap with Locking Cover
  • 15 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Wind Resistant to 50 mph
  • Flaps are U.V. Resistant
  • Flap operates on Hinge (longer lasting)
  • Some Cats Can't open the Larger Models flaps*
  • Adjustable Magnets

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JGM Pet Doors


  • In Glass Option.
  •  Wall and Door models
  • Double flap with locking cover
  • 9 Sizes and 3 Frame Colors
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts
  • This dog door is heavy duty

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  • In Glass Option. Wall and Door models
  • 4 Sizes and 3 Frame Colors
  • Double Saloon Style Doors with Locking Steel Cover 
  • 10 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Electronic Model avalable

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Hi Tech Electronic Dog Doors


  • In Glass Option.
  •  Wall and Door models
  • 2 Sizes 
  • 1 year warranty

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